no longer offers web hosting services.

If you had a hosting account with ThirdSphere, read below for additional information
including links to account login for former ThirdSphere ARP customers now at Hit Director.

Choose from the category below that applies to your ThirdSphere account:

Accounts running ARP (Auto Response Plus)
If you were running ARP or ListMail Pro on your ThirdSphere account your account was moved to

All customers who were moved to Hit Director were informed by email of this change, and given a new login URL.

You can log into your Hit Director control panel by going to (replacing ‘’ with your actual domain name) and entering your username and password

To log into your Hit Director client/billing area, go to and enter your email address and password under “Billing Panel Login”.

We moved our ARP3 customers to Hit Director because we believe that Hit Director is The best ARP3 hosting company on the internet, period. To find out what it is about Hit Director that makes us say that, read the following knowledgebase article, “Hit Director v. HostGator”

If you are not happy with Hit Director’s hosting services so far (and that would be a surprise to us), write to us at and let us know why so we can help you work this out with Hit Director, or find another hosting company that will meet your needs.

If there is a particular hosting company that you are thinking of moving your ARP3 account to, and you would like for us to look and see if there are any restrictions, like limits on the number of emails or processes, that might be a problem for hosting your ARP3 account, write to us at and let us know what company you are thinking of moving to and we’ll take a look. Just like we have with this document that compares HitDirector vs. Hostgator for ARP.

If you need more information about ARP, please visit:


Accounts not running ARP (Auto Response Plus)
We recommend that all of our non-ARP customers move their accounts to HostGator.

The main reasons for this recommendation are:
1) Other than Automation Station and our website design programs (Bleepsoft and WebsiteWorkshop), HostGator was able to host all of the services and scripts used by ThirdSphere customers, so the transition from ThirdSphere to HostGator is, in most cases, extremely simple and transparent.
2) HostGator provides a high level of customer support for generic hosting accounts.

We assisted many customers in successfully moving their ThirdSphere accounts to HostGator.

CLICK HERE to read a helpfile that tells you about the type of HostGator account that we recommend, and has detailed information about setting up a HostGator account to move your ThirdSphere account to.

CLICK HERE to open a HostGator account.

If your site was hosted at ThirdSphere and you have not yet moved it to another hosting company because you either did not receive, or did not read or respond to our many emails informing customers of this change, it is possible that we still have a copy of your website on one of our storage servers.

To find out if we have a copy of your website please write to with the main domain name of your ThirdSphere hosting account.

And just in case you are reading this and you do have ARP but are wondering why you can't just host at Hostgator, please read this document that compares HitDirector vs. Hostgator for ARP.


If there is something we have not covered in the above, please contact us at